May 31, 2020

Ledeni hotel – Jukkasjärvi

Ledeni hotel nalazi se u selu Jukasjervi,Švedska, i prostire se na preko 5 000 m². Hotel je napravljen od leda i snega i jedna je od najvećih turističkih atrakcija.

Prvi put je sagrađen 1990.godine i gradi se sezonski a otvoren je od od decembra do aprila. Početkom aprila led se topi i uliva u reku Torne.

We proudly present another beautiful Art Suite from ICEHOTEL no 27. Art Suite Into the Maelstrom. Design Elin Julin & Ida Mangsbo Photo Asaf Kliger. IMAGINE BEING CAUGHT into a giant whirlpool in the ice-cold arctic water. This suite will sweep you away and take you on a journey into the center of the Maelstrom. In the heart of the suite, with swirling ice and snow walls all around, the moon is shining down on you with a soft, pale light. Feel the motion, the force – and the peace. “The Maelstrom is a powerful tidal current and one of the biggest is situated outside Lofoten. It is formed by the conjunction of strong currents that cross the straits between the islands and the great amplitude of the tides. Once you are there, it will not let you go" ELIN JULIN is a Swedish landscape architect who works at Sweco Architects. This is the seventh time she’s working with ICEHOTEL, and her previous projects includes outdoor landscapes, an Art Suite and a church. IDA MANGSBO is from Sweden and works as a landscape architect at WSP in Gävle. She has previously worked with ICEHOTEL with outdoor landscapes and an Art Suite. ———————————— @elinjulin @asafkliger #icehotelsweden #icehotel #sweden #hotels #visitsweden #swedishlapland #architects #design #beautifulhotels #neverstopexploring

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Hotel je nastao sticajem okolnosti a sve je počelo 1989.godine kada su japanski umetnici održali izložbu od leda a godinu dana kasnije i francuski umetnik. Jedne večeri nije bilo slobodnih soba pa su gosti pitali da li mogu da prespavaju u igalu gde je bila i izložba i tada je sve počelo. Spavali su u vrećama za spavanje, na koži irvasa. To su bili prvi gosti tadašnjeg hotela. Osnivač hotela je Ingve Bergkvist.

Svake godine preko 200 dizajnera dostavlja svoje radove kako vide hotel a izabere se samo nekoliko pa tako da svake godine imate potpuno drugačije dizajniran hotel. Kao i svaki hotel pored soba ima svoj bar,restoran,atrakcije pa čak i crkvu.

ICEHOTEL 365 – available all year round. Deluxe Suite Kiss. Design Kestutis Musteikis & Vytautas Musteikis. Photo @asafkliger. With an unmitigated love for ice, the brothers behind the suite express their feelings through exquisite hand-carved ice reliefs throughout the room. Inspired by the famous symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, the design flirts with his decorative patterns and the classic motive “The Embrace”, with one scene showing a couple kissing passionately. “We were using our family name Musteikis for the word-play ‘Must Take Kiss’ for naming our suite. We hope that hot kiss gives the guests a warm night in the cold room.” KESTUTIS MUSTEIKIS works with all kinds of materials such as stone, wood, concrete and fire, and is a returning artist at ICEHOTEL. VYTAUTAS MUSTEIKIS is a visual anthropologist who documents disappearing customs and traditions. #icehotelsweden #icehotel #sweden #hotels #visitsweden #swedishlapland #architects #beautifulhotels #interiordesign #icehotel365 #conceptdesign

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